Okay, let’s be honest, an infrastructure tour isn’t exactly one that jumps out at you for being filled with action, thrills and excitement, right? It’s not a tour where you’ll find cutting edge experimental technology, test facilities where stuff gets blown up in experiments, or giant chambers designed to set things on fire. However, Sandia’s mission couldn’t happen if the workforce didn’t have the proper, underlying framework to help them go about their important daily activities. In reality, Sandia’s infrastructure is just as vital as any of the cutting-edge facilities located at Sandia. After all, what good are cutting-edge experiments if researchers are too hungry to conduct them? Good thing Sandia has some great options at their various cafeterias to keep the workforce fueled and healthy. The labs also have a variety of energy hubs designed to help the workforce maintain a healthy work-life balance, have a place to relax and release stress from their day, and even provides a private place for nursing mothers. Of course, all of this is moot if workers can’t even get to work, hence the vital function of the badge office where Sandia workers, contractors, and visitors can get the proper credentials to access the amazing Sandia facilities. Not to mention that Sandia also supports its staff with first-rate medical services, training courses for vital skills, facilities management that maintains our buildings and grounds, and so much more. You want to know what makes Sandia National Laboratories work? It’s the people, and the labs works hard to support those people in the best ways possible. Take a walk through some of this vital infrastructure and see for yourself.

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