Sandia's High Consequence Automation & Robotics group is a world leader in developing robotic solutions to respond to high consequence challenges that impact national security. In addition to decades of experience developing and delivering complex automated systems of every size and multitudes of applications, the group brings a unique integrated approach to developing system software and information architecture, automated planning and programming, and sensor- and model-based control for intelligent systems.

With the goal of providing technology systems that can perform high consequence tasks, the group's products keep human workers out of dangerous situations in military and civilian environments. Innovative systems developed here are transforming medicine, surveillance and reconnaissance, autonomous exploration and detection, improvised explosive device disablement, and accident response. Sometimes the technology is a news-catching robotic hardware, and sometimes it is the software behind advanced controls. It is always based on expertise in fail-safe design and integration, advanced controls, unique mobility and perception, cybernetics, advanced manipulation, and high consequence automation.

The Sandia facilities where this research, design, development, and testing occur include the Robotic Manufacturing Science and Engineering Laboratory (RMSEL) and the Robotic Vehicle Range (RVR).